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RideMax is a planning tool designed to help you spend
less time in line at Disneyland® and Walt Disney World.®

“The results [with RideMax] were impressive.”

RideMax makes planning your
Disney® vacation simple:

Step One

Choose a Park
and Visit Date

Are you planning to visit Disneyland or Disney California Adventure? Or will you be visiting one or all of the four Walt Disney World theme parks? Use RideMax to choose your park and the exact date you're planning your visit. This allows RideMax to use the wait time estimates we've put together for that specific date when it creates your custom plan. If you'll be visiting for more than one day, you can create plans for each day of your trip!

Step Two

Choose Your Attractions

Why use a "canned" touring plan where someone else has chosen the attractions for you? With RideMax, you select the specific attractions YOU want to ride, as well as the time at which you plan to begin and end your day. You can even include your favorite attractions more than once. With RideMax it's your choice! (And with our new mobile version for iPhone and Android, you can even change your plan on-the-fly, while you're in the park!)

Step Three

RideMax Creates
Your Custom Plan

Depending on how many attractions are in your list, RideMax could compare MILLIONS of possible itineraries before delivering your final plan. And if you see something you don't like, you can tweak your list of attractions and try again. Create as many itineraries as you wish during the term of your subscription!

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iPhone or Android? Desktop or iPad?
RideMax has you covered!

RideMax comes in a web-based format suitable for use on any PC or Mac. We also have a mobile app for iPhone, Android, and tablet devices, including iPad!

You want planning options?
RideMax has ’em!

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