Disneyland RideMax Customers: Time to Re-Run Your RideMax Plans!

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge - Millennium Falcon Ride View

This is just a quick post to let our Disneyland customers know that we recommend re-running your Disneyland RideMax plans, due to much lower crowds in the park than we had originally estimated. This applies to ALL dates on the Disneyland RideMax calendar except the 4th of July, for plans created prior to today, June 28th.

Just for some background here, prior to the opening of Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, we had expected that the draw of the new land would bring in greater crowds than normal, and so we put together our initial RideMax wait time estimates under that assumption. Somewhat surprisingly, those crowds have either not materialized, or the attractiveness of the new land is serving to dilute the crowds in the rest of the park (or both). Either way, this summer is shaping up to be a GREAT time to visit Disneyland, and we’ve just made some pretty substantial cuts to our wait estimates for the resort as a result, for all dates on the current RideMax Disneyland calendar.

Also worth noting is that if you’re a RideMax subscriber and plan to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during your trip, be sure to check out the Disneyland Tips & Hints page, available from the link on the main page after you login to RideMax. We give some important “strategy advice” here for using RideMax to map out a plan which includes Galaxy’s Edge.



3 thoughts on “Disneyland RideMax Customers: Time to Re-Run Your RideMax Plans!”

  1. When will there be any new information on Disneyworld’s Galaxy’s Edge? I saw you have the new dates for October in the app but the new rides are not listed.

  2. Very disappointed, was unable to use this and I already paid for it.

    I’m 60 days out and just tried to build a RideMax plan for the days from Oct 12-19th and like John said, the new rides are not listed (not even the shows) and the times for the parks are wrong. All parks except Epcot open at 7am with EMH and 6am for Hollywood Studios but your plans have the parks opening at 8am and 9am.

    Will these be updated very soon?
    I wanted to request the Fastpass times Ridemax suggested but too late for that.

  3. John and Erwin, my apologies for the lack of information here… The short answer is YES, we do plan to add support for the EMH hours — especially since they’re planned for every day of the week at multiple parks for several weeks after Galaxy’s Edge opens. Our goal is to have these available by the end of next week.

    As for the Galaxy’s Edge area, for now we’ll be publishing a recommended strategy for visiting this in the RideMax “Tips & Hints” pages, which we expect to be up by the end of the week, and which of course will be subject to change once the new land actually opens and we have the chance to see crowd patterns first-hand.

    It’s quite possible that Disney will control access to the new land in such a way that you’ll have to wait to enter the land, then once inside you’ll need to do everything you want there before leaving. So it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense to simply list the Millennium Falcon ride in RideMax as just another entry on the ride selection screen. We do expect to outline a strategy for visiting the land to work within an overall RideMax plan for the park.

    Stay tuned to the Tips & Hints pages for more. (For those not familiar, you’ll see the Tips & Hints link on the first page you see after logging into RideMax.)

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