Tivoli Gardens Photo Tour: Inspiration for Disneyland

Tivloli Gardens - Welcome!

Liesle and I recently spent time in Copenhagen exploring both the city AND one of its most famous landmarks, Tivoli Gardens.

Tivoli Gardens - View from outside

For those of you familiar with Disneyland’s history, you know that Tivoli Gardens, which first opened in 1843, served as one of Walt’s inspirations for Disneyland. He is reported to have spent time wandering the park, taking detailed notes in preparation for the design and construction of Disneyland.

Tivoli Gardens - View from outside

One of the most interesting features of the theme park is its location in the middle of the city, right across the street from Copenhagen’s central train station on one end, and City Hall on the other.

Above is the view from outside the park in front of the train station. If you look closely you can see the mountain peak for theĀ Rutschebanen wooden roller coaster — one of the oldest of its kind in the world, built in 1914.

Anyone else wonder if this might have served as inspiration for Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds?

Tivoli Gardens - Walkway

Once inside the park, you immediately leave the hustle and bustle of central Copenhagen behind, and enter the more serene atmosphere of the park’s garden areas.

Below is the rest of the quick scenic tour, mostly without comment. Hopefully this gives you a sense of what to expect should you decide to visit yourself.

Tivoli Gardens - Asian-themed area
Tivoli Gardens - Gardens
Tivoli Gardens - Inspired by India
Tivoli Gardens - Duck

Hmmm… Another inspiration for Disneyland?

Tivoli Gardens - Rock Work
Tivoli Gardens - Popcorn
Tivoli Gardens - Close to street
Tivoli Gardens - Scenery
Tivoli Gardens - Scenery
Tivoli Gardens - Scenery
Tivoli Gardens - Scenery
Tivoli Gardens - Attraction
Tivoli Gardens - Small Ride
Tivoli Gardens - Thrill Ride
Tivoli Gardens - Small World Vibe

This attraction had a very “it’s a small world” feel to it from the outside.

Tivoli Gardens - Small World Vibe Closeup
Tivoli Gardens - Attraction Story
Tivoli Gardens - Popcorn Cart

Popcorn carts are a thing here too.

Tivoli Gardens - Thrill Ride
Tivoli Gardens - Thrill Ride
Tivoli Gardens - Thrill Ride Closeup

I think I let myself get the camera a little too close for comfort on this shot. Probably lucky my lens (and hand) are still intact. šŸ™‚Tivoli Gardens - Kiddie Cars

Quainter version of Autopia.

Tivoli Gardens - Scenic Boats

Copenhagen City Hall looms in the background just outside the park.

Tivoli Gardens - Scenic Boats
Tivoli Gardens - Over Asia
Tivoli Gardens - Merry-Go-Round
Tivoli Gardens - Thrill Ride
Tivoli Gardens - Theming
Tivoli Gardens - Vertigo
Tivoli Gardens - Large Drop
Tivoli Gardens - Scenic Gardens

Nice relaxing pathways run through the park.

Tivoli Gardens - Red House
Tivoli Gardens - Gardens
Tivoli Gardens - Monstro


Tivoli Gardens - City Hall Background
Tivoli Gardens - River

Reminds me of Columbia. Not sure if it actually moves, though.

Tivoli Gardens - Riverboat
Tivoli Gardens - City Hall Over Playground
Tivoli Gardens - Concert Stage
Tivoli Gardens - Plaque

Although small by today’s theme park standards, Tivoli offers a nice escape from the chaos and noise of Central Copenhagen, and has a charm surpassing the traditional amusement parks that must have existed in America during Walt’s earlier years.

I can see how Walt received inspiration here at Tivoli Gardens!