RideMax for Disneyland App Now Includes Genie+ and Lightning Lane Options

In my previous post I announced the availability of the RideMax for Walt Disney World app which includes Lightning Lane and Genie+ options. Today I’m excited to announce that the Disneyland version of the app is also now available. RideMax subscribers can download the app here:

RideMax for Disneyland iOS App

RideMax for Disneyland Android App (direct download from our website)

App versions 1.2.1 and higher include the new planning capability.

Note the new Genie+ Lightning Lane section on the main RideMax planning screen

I won’t cover all the new features here since I’ve listed them in my previous post covering the Walt Disney World version of RideMax, and the Disneyland version is basically identical. (The small difference is that the default time at which you can make your first Lightning Lane reservation is set to 30 minutes before park opening time in the Disneyland version, and 7:00am in the Walt Disney World version. Also note that unlike the Walt Disney World system, you must be inside the park before you can make your first Lightning Lane reservation at Disneyland.)

In my mind, one huge benefit to using RideMax to plan a day which includes Genie+ is that you can compare the overall estimated wait to a plan which doesn’t include Genie+ to help you decide if paying Disney for Genie+ is worth the cost. That cost can add up for even a small family or group, so I’m hoping RideMax can help you make an informed choice.

Note that this feature is only available in the iOS and Android mobile apps currently. Update to the web version is still to come.

Happy planning!