Favorites From the New Skipper Canteen Restaurant at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom


Skipper Canteen Restaurant

Just a quick update today… I finally got around to eating at the new Skipper Canteen Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom last week. I found the food and the service good.

I will, however, confess that the attempts at “skipper humor” by the staff sometimes left me feeling a bit awkward in the small-audience setting of guests sitting at a single table. (Somehow you can just cringe at the skipper’s jokes when you’re in the larger setting of the Jungle Cruise ride itself. But when your waiter is looking right at you expecting a reaction to his corny joke, you sort of feel obligated to laugh, even if you’re still just cringing inside.)

At any rate, I was able to share lunch with¬†Josh at easyWDW, and I’m sure he’ll be posting much better pictures than my lame cell phone pictures below, along with a more full review.

However, in the spirit of the Jungle Cruise from which the restaurant’s theme is taken, I WANT TO POINT OUT A FEW OF MY FAVORITE DISHES:

Skipper Canteen Restaurant Appetizer

This one.

Skipper Canteen Restaurant Appetizer II

Here’s another.

Skipper Canteen Restaurant Dish

And this.