New RideMax FASTPASS Features Added to Web Version!

Magic KingdomJust in time for fall break, we’ve added two significant new features to the web version of RideMax, both of them related to FastPass.

The new features include:

  • The ability to specify whether you want your RideMax plans to take advantage of FastPass or not (see below for why this might be useful).
  • For plans using a FastPass runner, the ability to tell RideMax which specific attractions the runner is willing to skip, if any.

Related to the first feature, you might wonder why someone might want to NOT use FastPass. This really is in anticipation of the new FastPass-Plus (FP+) system at Walt Disney World, which is currently in testing mode throughout the Walt Disney World parks.

If a customer is using the new FP+ system and doesn’t want RideMax plans using “traditional” FP at all, the customer can turn this option OFF in RideMax, and insert the FP+ activities into the plan using scheduled breaks. This is after his or her FP+ reservations have been secured using Disney’s online reservation system. (And of course we’re working on more complete support for FP+ in RideMax, so stay tuned on that one.)

Note that if someone is testing the new FP+ system and ALSO wants to use traditional FastPass, this customer can simply leave the “Use FastPass” checkbox selected in RideMax, AND add scheduled breaks to the plan for the FP+ reservations, and go from there. So either way, RideMax has you covered.

As I’ve noted above, the second feature we’ve added allows someone to specify which attractions the FP runner is willing to skip, if any, while off running around gathering FP tickets for the rest of the group. This is a feature which is already included in the Windows version, but we felt it was time for the web version to gain this functionality as well, as this can be a very useful tool in planning the day.

And, just to be clear, these new features have been added to both the desktop-based web browser AND the mobile web browser versions of RideMax.

There has also been a bug in the mobile web version of RideMax that prevented someone from adding more than one scheduled break to a plan when creating the plan using Safari on the iPhone, and possibly from other browsers as well. This bug is now fixed with this update.

With fall break just around the corner, I’m hoping you find these new FastPass features, as well as the recently-added support for shows in the Disneyland version of RideMax, helpful in planning your visit!


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  1. I love the new option to choose which ride the runner is willing to miss. I am always the runner and there are rides that I am willing to skip but others I really want to ride. Can’t wait to use this option on the web version, when we visit Disneyland in May 2014.

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