New RideMax Version for iPhone, Android, and Mac!

We’re excited to announce a new web-based version of RideMax that works great on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac systems! Access to this mobile beta is free to RideMax subscribers.

Disney RideMax Plan for iPhone and Android
Your RideMax plan in a nice portable format for display on iPhone and Android devices!

This new version of RideMax is in “beta” mode right now (which means we’re still testing it and improving it before final release) but even in it’s current “unfinished” state, it’s very usable, and provides new capabilities to the RideMax system as well!

RideMax Planner - Adding Breaks, Options
Many customization options included. Add up to five breaks and decide how you want to utilize FastPass!

Since the new version of RideMax is web-based, there is no need to install an “app” if you want to use RideMax on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Simply point your mobile web browser to the application’s home page:

Here are some of the important features provided in this new release:

  • Create and view your RideMax plans right on your mobile device or web browser.
  • RideMax now saves your plans for later use. Create a plan using a standard web browser and view it later on your mobile device, or vice-versa!
  • Add up to FIVE breaks to your plan for meals or other activities.
  • Report wait times to RideMax. More wait time data allows us to improve the RideMax estimates over time.

Here are some additional screenshots:

RideMax - Share Wait Times
While in the park, report wait times!

Q: I just subscribed to your service. How do I access the new beta version on my iPhone, Android, or iPad?

A: When you subscribed, your download instructions contain a link you can use to activate the beta. Click on this link, choose a username and password, then point your mobile web browser to Now sign in with the username and password you just selected and start planning!

Q: Will RideMax work on my particular mobile device? What devices are supported?

A: Given the number of mobile device models being produced these days, it’s impractical to test RideMax on all of them. We’ve done extensive work with RideMax on iPhone, and though we haven’t tested it extensively on other systems, it also seems to work on some other mobile “touch-screen” browsers that are based on newer versions of WebKit, such as that found in newer Android models. We’ve also had specific customer reports that RideMax runs on the Motorola Cliq and the HTC EVO, but that it does not work on Windows Mobile devices. We had one Blackberry customer report success, but that was on a very new touch-screen model device, and we don’t believe it will work on the “click-based” Blackberries that are still fairly popular.

Q: What are the pros and cons of using the mobile or web-based version rather than the Windows version of Ridemax?

A: One advantage of the web/mobile version is the ability to modify your plans right from the web or a mobile device. No more need to take the laptop on vacation just to access RideMax! Another advantage is that you don’t need to carry a paper plan with you if you have access to RideMax on your mobile device. With a mobile device, you can also share wait time information and comments with us. This allows us to improve the RideMax estimates further.

A disadvantage of the mobile version is that it’s still in “beta” mode — meaning that it’s incomplete and some of the formatting is less than ideal. Most of the “tips” still need to be added as well.

Q: Aren’t there lower-cost applications for the iPhone and Android that work just as well as RideMax does? Why do I need this?

A: It’s true that there are “wait-time apps” produced by others, but sometimes you get what you pay for! Planning in advance — not just supplying current wait times — is a RideMax specialty, and in our opinion, this is vital to minimizing your overall wait, especially when the park is busy.

Does it really help you to know that right now the wait for Indiana Jones is 60 minutes rather than 90? Either way, you don’t want to stand in that line, right? What you really need is help avoiding that 60-minute-long line, and that’s what RideMax is designed to do!

Take a look at how much you’re spending on your Disney vacation, and we think you’ll agree, the cost of RideMax is tiny by comparison.

This summer we celebrate our 10th anniversary of providing customized itineraries for Disney theme park customers. Why take a chance with some random iPhone wait-time app, when you could be using RideMax instead?


17 thoughts on “New RideMax Version for iPhone, Android, and Mac!”

  1. I have an HTC Hero by Sprint and the webapp works perfectly for me! Thanks RideMax, you guys never fail!

  2. I will be purchasing Ridemax for Disneyland in about a week for our trip in December but I wondered if there was a limit on how many devices can have access to the software. We have 6 people in our family with phones and may not always be together while in the parks.

  3. Tamara, if you’re in the same family, you can simply share the login information with everyone in your group. This would allow all of you to access the same plans from each of your phones. Six is no problem as long as you’re in the same family.

    Have a great trip!

  4. Thanks for the reply Mark! Yes, we are all in the same family…big group 🙂 I look forward to purchasing Ridemax for our second time this weekend!

  5. We have used Ridemax in the past for Disneyland. We are going to Disney World for Halloween. Does Ridemax work for ALL the Disney parks?

  6. Hi there,

    I am a tourist visiting disney.
    Does the webapp needs internet connection to work?
    because i dont think i will turn on my data roaming.


  7. Tamra, we haven’t explicitly tested RideMax on the Kindle fire, but if this is a requirement for you and you subscribe and find that it doesn’t work, just let us know and we’ll be glad to cancel/refund your subscription. Happy planning!

  8. It seems that you can only create a new plan about a month in advance of trip date, is this the case?

  9. Rick, for Walt Disney World, we make plans available at least 60 days in advance, so that members will have time to create plans before the 60-day-in-advance FP+ reservation window opens for Disney’s hotel guests. Disneyland, on the other hand, only makes park hours and show schedules available about 45 days in advance, so the planning window for the Disneyland version is more limited, as we depend on park hours and show schedules for our plans.

  10. when making a plan, what do the asterisks mean next to “attractions i want to visit”? and what are the pluses and minuses for? thanks for your help.

  11. Christine, the asterisks are our ride ratings, from 1 to 5. The plus or minus lets you select how many times you wish to visit a particular attraction. (You should see these labeled in the column headers.)

  12. We are planning a Sunday visit to to Disneyland/California Adventure. Will this work for Sundays?

  13. Gail, while you won’t see Sundays listed on the RideMax calendar, we do offer tips for subscribers in making this work, and actually, during the summer months, I’d recommend using the following Monday as your “visit date” in RideMax for planning the Sunday visit. (And of course, if you find it doesn’t work as you’d like, this would be covered under the 30-day money-back guarantee.)

    I hope this helps… Have a great visit!

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