Disney World: “Disconnected” FASTPASSes at the Magic Kingdom

Take a quick look at these first few entries from a recent RideMax plan and see if you notice anything strange:

RideMax Plan Disconnected FastPassNotice how the plan has our FastPass runner grabbing one set of FastPasses at Dumbo, then immediately getting another set at Peter Pan’s Flight?

If you’re familiar at all with the way the FastPass system works and saw this on your RideMax plan, you might be raising an eyebrow about now or even writing us demanding a refund. “How can this be?” you want to know… “There’s no way I can get two FastPasses so close together, is there?!!”

Actually, right now at least, there is!

The “trick” here is that the new FastPass machines for both Dumbo and The Barnstormer are “disconnected” from the rest of the FastPass network, and from each other. This means that if you get a FastPass from either of these two machines, the other FastPass machines in the park won’t know about it, and vice-versa.

Theoretically, this means you could actually grab three FastPasses in a row: one for The Barnstormer, another one for Dumbo, and yet a third one for any other attraction in the park.

Because RideMax is set up to take advantage of this loophole for the time being, if you see this in one of your plans you’ll know what’s going on. (We’ve also included a brief tip at the bottom of the plan making this clear.)

Of course, Disney could change this policy at any time — and we’ll adjust RideMax accordingly if they do — but in the meantime this is fun to know, and to take advantage of!