RideMax Updated with New Epcot Arrival Tips and Rope Drop Strategy for Frozen Ever After

Visiting Frozen Ever After at Rope Drop Epcot

Just a quick note today for RideMax subscribers

I was out at Disneyland in late June and earlier in July, and missed the opening day for the new Frozen Ever After ride at Epcot. I had the chance to visit the ride at rope drop earlier this week, and as a result of closely watching how Disney runs the opening procedure, we’ve updated the arrival advice shown on RideMax plans for those who are visiting Epcot first thing in the morning on non-EMH days.

We’ve also added a new tip to Epcot RideMax plans which gives very specific advice on how to navigate yourself to the new Frozen Ever After ride at rope drop, should you be following a RideMax plan which has you visiting that ride as soon as the park opens. You should see both the updated arrival advice and the new Frozen tip by just refreshing the RideMax plan in your web browser or on your mobile device.

Note that we’ve also made some adjustments to our wait time estimates for Frozen Ever After, so if you have a RideMax plan which includes this attraction, we recommend creating a new plan (which will pick up the new estimates) before you visit the park.



Update: RideMax Disneyland Dates Available Through the End of July

Disney California Adventure Trolley

Just a quick update to note that for those who’ve been asking, RideMax now has planning dates for Disneyland and DCA available through the end of July. This brings us current with Disney’s published park hours for Disneyland.

Also note that Disney hasn’t yet published showtimes for dates after July 4th for the new Frozen show playing at the Hyperion, so you won’t see it listed in RideMax for dates later in July just yet. After the showtimes are available, you can expect to see it listed in RideMax for planning purposes.

Disney has already expanded the number of showtimes for Frozen from three to four, and my guess is that they’re waiting to see how the new schedule works out before committing to showtimes for future dates.

Hopefully the dust will settle soon on this!


FOUR TIPS for Beating the Disneyland Crowds — Summer 2016 Edition

Disneyland Summer Crowds

As the author of RideMax for Disneyland, I sometimes have friends ask if I have any “tips” for visiting Disneyland. Sometimes these friends are using RideMax to plan their visit, and sometimes not.

With the busy summer season now upon us, I thought I’d share some of the same tips I give to these friends who are visiting Disneyland. Some of this is advice that I don’t think you’ll see in more “mainstream” publications, so I’m hoping these will make a difference for *you* if you plan to visit Disneyland this summer of 2016. (And if you’re visiting Walt Disney World this summer, stay tuned. I plan to do a separate post on that topic in the next few days.)

With that, here you go…

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Arendelle Construction Progress at Epcot, Say Goodbye to the Flower & Garden Festival

Liesle & I stopped into Epcot yesterday to catch a few of our favorite Flower & Garden dishes one last time before the Festival wraps up on Monday.

I’m heading out to Animal Kingdom this evening to catch the new nighttime happenings there, but before we start focusing more on that park in some upcoming posts, I thought it might be worth a quick, three-picture blurb showing construction progress around the Arendelle area at Epcot.

Remember, the new Frozen ride is scheduled to open there in less than a month.

Arendelle at Epcot - New Frozen area near Norway

Above is the scene with the camera peeking over the construction wall just past the Mexico area. For those who are familiar with this area, this is almost directly across the main pathway from the spot where Mariachi Cobre performs.

As you can see, things are moving along nicely on the exteriors here. The small meet and greet building just to the left of center is much more finished than it was in my previous post covering the Arendelle construction.

Arendelle at Epcot!

Here we are viewing the scene over the wall from the right-hand side of the previous image. (And yes, I did get some “looks” taking these pictures. All in the line of duty lol…)

I’ll actually be out at Disneyland when this area opens, so you can expect my next blog post covering this scene to be available after the new Frozen Ever After attraction has been open for a bit — probably mid-July.

It will be nice to have the new attraction open, but I’m expecting it will add to the complexity of an efficient Epcot tour, especially if Frozen, Test Track, and Soarin’ all remain “Tier One” on the FP+ list.

We’ll see.

Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 2016

With that, here’s wishing a final goodbye to the Flower & Garden Festival.

And next year, Disney, please consider upping the portion size on those shrimp tacos. Madame Leota will thank you!



More RideMax Roulette at the Magic Kingdom, Pecos Bill Cafe Southwest Burger Review

I headed out to the Magic Kingdom this morning for another round of RideMax Roulette. The catch is that I was primarily Periscoping the experience and didn’t have my regular camera with me, so the photos in this post will be somewhat, er… limited — both in quantity and quality.  :-)

Before I get too far, I should note that you can find my Periscope feed here, though Periscope deletes the videos after 24 hours, so you may not find this too helpful, unless you’d like to follow me for future broadcasts.

For those not schooled in the great RideMax Roulette tradition, this is basically where I use a random-number generator to give me a list of attractions, which I then plug into RideMax. The software then spits out a game plan to cover those attractions, which I take to the park.

For today’s round of RideMax Roulette, I basically had twelve attractions to cover. Here they are, in no particular order:

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