RideMax for Disneyland App Now Includes Genie+ and Lightning Lane Options

In my previous post I announced the availability of the RideMax for Walt Disney World app which includes Lightning Lane and Genie+ options. Today I’m excited to announce that the Disneyland version of the app is also now available. RideMax subscribers can download the app here:

RideMax for Disneyland iOS App

RideMax for Disneyland Android App (direct download from our website)

App versions 1.2.1 and higher include the new planning capability.

Note the new Genie+ Lightning Lane section on the main RideMax planning screen

I won’t cover all the new features here since I’ve listed them in my previous post covering the Walt Disney World version of RideMax, and the Disneyland version is basically identical. (The small difference is that the default time at which you can make your first Lightning Lane reservation is set to 30 minutes before park opening time in the Disneyland version, and 7:00am in the Walt Disney World version. Also note that unlike the Walt Disney World system, you must be inside the park before you can make your first Lightning Lane reservation at Disneyland.)

In my mind, one huge benefit to using RideMax to plan a day which includes Genie+ is that you can compare the overall estimated wait to a plan which doesn’t include Genie+ to help you decide if paying Disney for Genie+ is worth the cost. That cost can add up for even a small family or group, so I’m hoping RideMax can help you make an informed choice.

Note that this feature is only available in the iOS and Android mobile apps currently. Update to the web version is still to come.

Happy planning!


New Genie+ and Lightning Lane Options Come to the RideMax App for Walt Disney World

I’m excited to announce that the Disney World version of the RideMax app  for both iOS and Android now supports the use of Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane reservations when you create your RideMax plans. This post dives into the details.

The Disneyland version hasn’t shipped yet, but we expect to have it available soon (Disneyland plans assume standby-only for now).

I’ll cover the highlights of the app update here, but if you’re already a RideMax subscriber (or you just want to play with the user interface as a guest user), you can download the updates from the following links:

iOS version for iPhone and iPad

Android version for direct download from the RideMax website

Above is the new “Create RideMax Plan” screen, which gives a high-level overview of the options used to create this plan. Note the new “Genie+ Lightning Lane” section at the bottom.

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Disneyland is Reopening April 30th. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Since Disney just announced last week that Disneyland will reopen April 30th, I thought it would be worth digging into what this means for you, especially if y0u’re planning to visit in the near future.

This is the first of three posts dealing with the reopening. In these posts I’ll cover the following:

  • Disney’s operational changes and how you will be affected by them when the parks reopen (the subject of today’s post)
  • How touring strategies are likely to change based on the new Covid-related protocols
  • How we’re adapting RideMax to fit with the changes, including the release of a new Disneyland RideMax app

The Changes Are Coming!

Today, let’s dive in and look at some of the operational changes we expect to see when Disneyland finally reopens, and how these might affect your plans.

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New RideMax App Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve shipped a brand new app for the Walt Disney World version of RideMax!

The app lets you access the plans you’ve created with the web version of RideMax, and you can also create your RideMax plans with the app and access them with the web version. (This might be handy for printing your plans or just viewing them on a larger desktop computer).

I’ll describe the app here in this post, but if you just want to install it and check it out, you can download the iOS version from Apple’s App Store by following this link. The app isn’t available in the Google Play Store just yet, but Android customers willing to take our beta version for a spin will find it here. (And RideMax for Disneyland customers, don’t worry — we’re working on it. 🙂 )

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