RideMax Updated with New Epcot Arrival Tips and Rope Drop Strategy for Frozen Ever After

Visiting Frozen Ever After at Rope Drop Epcot

Just a quick note today for RideMax subscribers

I was out at Disneyland in late June and earlier in July, and missed the opening day for the new Frozen Ever After ride at Epcot. I had the chance to visit the ride at rope drop earlier this week, and as a result of closely watching how Disney runs the opening procedure, we’ve updated the arrival advice shown on RideMax plans for those who are visiting Epcot first thing in the morning on non-EMH days.

We’ve also added a new tip to Epcot RideMax plans which gives very specific advice on how to navigate yourself to the new Frozen Ever After ride at rope drop, should you be following a RideMax plan which has you visiting that ride as soon as the park opens. You should see both the updated arrival advice and the new Frozen tip by just refreshing the RideMax plan in your web browser or on your mobile device.

Note that we’ve also made some adjustments to our wait time estimates for Frozen Ever After, so if you have a RideMax plan which includes this attraction, we recommend creating a new plan (which will pick up the new estimates) before you visit the park.



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  1. Park hours for many days in August have been changed for 2-3 hours for Magic Kingdom and 1 hour for Hollywood Studios. When will these updates be put in ridemax?

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