Yes, It’s Another Happy RideMax Customer…

OK, so this is a little self-serving, but we received the following email from Jason, a RideMax customer from Texas, who had used RideMax to help navigate several days at Disneyland over the busy Thanksgiving break. It was their very first Disney trip as a family.

I’m sharing Jason’s email below in its entirety:

Dear RideMax Team,

My family of five (Dad, Mom, 6-year-old girl, 3-year-old girl and 7-month-old boy) recently went to Disneyland and DCA during the busy Thanksgiving break. We also had another family of six with us that included two teenagers. We attended the parks on the Saturday, Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We expected huge crowds and long waits. While we did see huge crowds, we were so happy that the RideMax software virtually eliminated long waits. Your product is amazing and works as-advertised!

Leading up to our trip, I was somewhat dubious of how the software would perform during such a busy time, but our entire group was so thrilled with our experience! With one or two exceptions, we hardly even noticed the crowds around us. We had to do some juggling of rides due to our smaller children, but it all worked out much better than I expected. We rode every ride we wanted to, in many cases twice and a few rides three times. We also saw all the shows we wanted, met the characters we wanted and watched the parade.

This was our first Disney trip of any kind as a family. The trip far exceeded our expectations, and a huge part of that was due to your software. We will remember the trip for years as a memorable, joyous and positive experience. We will definitely use RideMax again when we go to Disney World for the first time in the coming years.

Thanks again!


And thanks to YOU Jason for taking the time to report! I’m glad you had such a nice trip, and that RideMax could help!