Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Available in RideMax

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train EntranceJust a quick note to say that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is now available for selection in RideMax, for plans beginning May 28th.

I expect that we’ll update our wait time estimates after the attraction is actually open and we’ve had the chance to see the lines firsthand, so stay tuned for that.

Happy Planning!




2 thoughts on “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Available in RideMax”

  1. Note that for those who aren’t aware, this is the newest attraction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and marks the completion of the “New Fantasyland” project in that park.

  2. Dear Mark,
    I read a post that said to read the “What Day What Ride?” somewhere, but can’t find it anywhere after we joined and signed in. Actually we need “What Day What Park?” We are taking 3 grandson’s for a special 8 is great trip to Disneyland June17-19 and bought the 3 day park hopper. We’ll be there on on Tue/Wed/Thu and can use the Magic Morning in DL Tue or Thu. None of us live in CA so going to Disneyland is a really, REALLY big deal. Sorry this has nothing to do with Seven Dwarfs… could just email me privately with an answer? We are so excited to use RideMax! Brilliant idea!!!
    Thanks, Pam

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