Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Opens May 28th! Press Preview at the Magic Kingdom

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
The construction walls are down now around the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and Disney’s two-day preview for the press began yesterday. Cameras and press people were everywhere.

The big announcement is that the attraction will open for all guests on May 28th, with FastPass+ reservations available beginning on that date. There could also be soft openings ahead of the 28th, but nothing official at this point.

Here are a handful of pictures taken yesterday:
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom
Disney wasn’t allowing any “regular” guests to ride the attraction, but every now and then you could see some of the press folks on the ride.
Mine Cars
I like the detail on the ride vehicles, but I’m not sure if these guys riding the cars could look any more excited…  🙂
Grumpy was playing his part well.
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Park Location
The above picture shows the location of the ride entrance which is on the far left edge of this shot. As you can see, the entrance is located just across the street from the Winnie the Pooh exit.

For those of you using RideMax, stay tuned! We expect to have this new attraction added to RideMax soon for dates beginning May 28th. We’ll use some very rough wait time estimates before it opens, and expect to refine those after we’ve had the chance to see the queue in actual operation.

3 thoughts on “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Opens May 28th! Press Preview at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. We are scheduled to be at Magic Kingdom on opening day of the mine train. Any thoughts on how this will affect the crowd? It’s currently a “recommended” day for MK, but we’d rather avoid the crowds and catch the ride a different day if it’s going to be bad.

  2. Second Emmie’s question. I scheduled Magic Kingdom for that day, and since I’ve never been around for a ride opening, I don’t have a good sense of whether I should change all my plans around for the week or not. At the very least, do you have any speculation on how having a new huge-wait ride is going to impact how accurate the RideMax schedule will be? 🙂

  3. Yes, the attraction will likely bring some crowds into the park on opening day, so if you have the ability to steer clear and visit another day instead it wouldn’t hurt.

    I’ve got FP+ reservations set for the evening of opening day myself, so I’ll be among the crowds!

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