Cars Land Advice — Summer 2013 Update

Radiator Springs Racers and Cars Land at California AdventureWe’re recently back from another extensive multi-day Disneyland Resort visit. And with Cars Land approaching its one-year anniversary, we’ve made an important update to our Cars Land advice, available to subscribers from within the RideMax application itself.

The real focus of the update is on Radiator Springs Racers (pictured above), as right now it’s the most difficult attraction to board without a significant wait in the entire Disneyland Resort. The update is focused on strategies for reducing your wait — and the strategy can change depending on the day of the week and time of the day. Along with the advice, we’ve included pictures, which I hope will make the advice more clear, especially for those who might be visiting Cars Land for the first time.

For RideMax customers, you can find the updated advice in the RideMax “Tips & Hints” area. Look for the page simply titled, “Cars Land Advice.”

And finally, if you’ve visited Cars Land since its opening, what did you think? Did you enjoy these new attractions? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Cars Land Advice — Summer 2013 Update”

  1. We were in DCA on Wednesday! Love Carsland – so well done (as all Disney is). Our DD7 is s big Cars fan (princesses not so much!). Felt like you were in RS! We loved all the rides. Even Luigi’s (but would not advise waiting more than 20 min for that one).
    We stayed at Disneyland Hotel, so had early entry, but RSR did not open til 9. Major bummer! We did a few other rides and then runner waited for FP. Lines all day at RSR avg 120 min. Waited 10 min w/ FP at 12:30.
    Such a great ride! Would have loved to do it again… next time we’ll visit in January or late fall.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Jocelyn! Too bad about RSR being closed at the beginning of your day Wednesday. I’m glad you did OK with the FastPass though!

    The new additions to DCA, including Cars Land and the Carthay Circle area, really are nice. Before these changes, the DCA park as a whole ranked pretty near the bottom of the list for me, but it’s one of my favorite parks to visit now!

  3. We visited disneyland resort and carsland the week of May 11 thru the 18th. Only managed to ride radiator springs racers once but it was worth it. The lines for the fast pass was as bad as waiting to ride the actual ride. The entire area is really nice though and looks like someone dumped radiator springs from the movie onto California adventures lot. A definite must see and its really cool lit up at nite.

  4. Used hint #3 and it worked great. Spent about the same time in line as FP riders, less if you consider the 20 minutes it took them just to obtain Fastpasses. :). Standby line was much longer as it twisted back and through some hidden queue locations. We were here on Tuesday June 5, rode about noon.

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