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Tower of Terror at DCA

Just a quick note here on an update to our DCA estimates.

While preparing our Disneyland RideMax update for the remainder of July today, I noticed on the Disneyland refurbishment list the following note:

Now – January 1, 2014: Tower of Terror will operate at reduced capacity during routine maintenance.”

This reinforces the feedback I received recently from a customer, who indicated that on the date of his visit, Disney wasn’t offering FastPasses for Tower of Terror. My guess is that Disney had actually run out of FastPasses before the customer arrived at the attraction that day, rather than not offering them at all. (Luckily, the customer ended up OK, as he was given his choice of FastPasses when another attraction he was riding broke down during his ride.)

In looking at recent FastPass return times for Tower of Terror, they do indeed seem to be running quite a bit later into the day than what I’d normally expect to see. It’s quite likely that Disney has cut back on the number of FastPasses they issue for this attraction, which of course causes later return windows, especially in the late morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

As a result of the reduced capacity here, we’ve updated our Tower of Terror FastPass return time estimates for all dates currently on the RideMax calendar. I recommend for those of you who have already created plans which include Tower of Terror, that you create new plans instead.

Happy Planning!


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  1. Also worth mentioning is the fact that only 2 of the 3 “elevators” in ToT are actually functioning, and on several occasions, only 1 “elevator” has been in use. This was the case during our visit over 1st week of June. Ride capacity has suffered as a result. Hopefully this maintenance cycle will address this.

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