2 thoughts on “RideMax on Facebook!”

  1. Hi, Mark. I purchased Ridemax for an early June first-time trip to Disneyland (have been to WDW many times). So far I am having fun playing with the different options. I did have a question though, on some of the itineraries, it has instructed me to get FASTPASSES (not Roger Rabbit) as close together as one hour. I thought you had to wait two hours. Is this a problem? I think it was Splash Mtn and Indiana Jones.

  2. Depending on the time of day and on overall crowd levels, it’s not unusual for a FastPass “return window” to be an hour or less away. So yes, in those cases it should work fine to obtain the second FP one hour after the first.

    Remember — the rule is that you have to wait EITHER two hours OR until the first FP’s ride window has arrived before obtaining the second one, whichever comes FIRST. If you press the “Tips & Hints” button in RideMax, you should also be able to read some of the details on this.

    I hope this helps… Have a great trip!

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