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I’m Mark Winters, the author of RideMax. Whether your trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World is days away or months in the future, I hope you’ll follow us here!

I’m currently looking for contributors with an interest in Disney theme parks to share this space with me! This isn’t a paying gig, but if you have a park story, article idea, or Disney theme park strategy you’d like to share here, please drop me a line!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Any tips for Mickey’s Halloween Party? We have tickets for Friday, Oct. 15th- your perfect storm day! I would love some tips for that. We used the program for our two day visit just after Labor Day and LOVED IT! My husband laughed at me with my list to follow, but even he was amazed at all the rides we were able to go on. It was our best visit so far!!

  2. Sheri, I would just suggest doing a Google search on this topic to see what other guests recommend from previous years’ visits. RideMax is mostly focused on riding attractions, but this may not be what you’d want to focus on during this event.

    Being at the party sounds a LOT better than braving the crowds at DCA that evening. Have fun!

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