Disney World Crowds in Early September: Amazing!

(Note: This post was originally written September 9, 2010.)

If you have the chance to visit Walt Disney World over the next couple of weeks, be prepared to be amazed at the crowds. Or more specifically, at the lack of them!

Here are a few pictures I took during a quick trip to Epcot today, as well as a few from the Magic Kingdom taken last week. (The Magic Kingdom pictures technically weren’t taken in September — they’re from Tuesday, August 31st.)

Disney World wait times in early September. Wow!
Epcot today just after 11:00am. Yes, Soarin' really does show 15 minutes!
Low crowds at Epcot!
Wide-open spaces around Epcot's World Showcase!
Low wait for Dumbo at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Even Dumbo was do-able. At 11:45am!

Dumbo wait time at Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder wait time at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Prefer to ride Big Thunder instead? No problem! (Picture taken just before noon.)
Pirates of the Caribbean wait time at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
Pirates anyone?

These pictures help to demonstrate how great this time of year is for a Disney park visit. With the kids back in school, most folks aren’t really planning vacations right now. If you’re willing and able to “go against the grain” and take advantage of this situation, you could really do well in terms of many attractions with low, low wait times.

Of course, this won’t last long. October is just around the corner, and with it comes fall school breaks and larger crowds. In fact, Disneyland in mid-October is shaping up to be a doozy!

More on this in a future post!



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